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the fan. the news. hundreds of torque the recent israel blocked highways and clashed with police protesting the government decision to cut funds to senior students included military service the arrest follows the finance ministry's decision to stop getting sleep and seminary students who for decades been granted military service exemptions stoke were sent into the country was the jewish citizens are called to duty the aged. the ultra orthodox claimed the military will expose their units to
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secularists. many ordinary israelis see even the pope should contribute to the security of the two weeks your spirits are we traipsed after politician from greece's main opposition party accused the prime minister of having a new jewish style plot against the greeks radical left wing tips to resume after the other is to repeat these alleges that there are at the acronym for the service broadcaster is derived from the hebrew word for kendall and his aides link to the jewish past. the world jewish congress has urged mr is a party to withdraw turkey's candidacy for governor of western macedonia to leave dc president ronald lauder said people conspiracy theories have no place in discourse the world's oldest democracy until now anti semitic views have really come from greece's new pool and on the third largest our
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country. as i . i knew the routine use of june more pa's you the head. at
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the right. is yes while larry renewed attention on anti semitism has recently appeared in the uk media due to the intricate style salutes me but footballer nicolas anelka a new report by jewish advisory body the community security trust shows that anti semitism is actually at an eight year low in britain. the organization which advises the u k stew and sixty thousand on safety issues says that the five hundred twenty nine reported anti semitic incidents last year was a drop of eighteen percent from two thousand twelve bcs team reckons the fall could be due to a lack of trigger events in the middle east which inflamed anti jewish sentiment among britain's muslims the highest level recorded by the cst occurred in two thousand and nine when israel entered gaza during operation cast lead
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the community security trust which has been monitoring anti semitic incidents since nineteen eighty four has warned however that hate crimes generally remain significantly on reporting and pointed out the two thousand thirteen levels of anti semitism are still much higher than those of fifteen years ago. the prototype static and containing sensors distilling the sensation of touch has been successfully child for the first time in italy and pt dentist now both sorenson who was the lucky recipient to test a prototype candle few updates for the first time in nine years and they they turned on and we went with the boot menu and did it once and it is amazing because sunday i could feel thinks that that i haven't been able to to pose too many years and it was said. kind of tip to round things are not things and stuff things. so was quite
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amazing. an international team led by sylvester was sarah at the swiss based eco polytechnic and under the sun design and to interact with the body's own nerves the parent has said the boats and first touch to each pin them up on each finger and you can use these sensors to understand the battle for the creation was performing light dusting on the news to the fullest information you need to be precise relation to the different sensory nerves. you know and it was still in the city of time since the feeding into the net proceeds. a prosthetic limb works via sensors on the fingers to detect information about touch and then sends signals to implant electrodes connected to the body's peripheral nervous system using computer algorithms scientists transform those electrical signals into something the body sensory nerves can interpret the successful prototype means the creators are now seeking to manage your eyes the electronics required in order to make a viable career
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prosthetic for use in varied environments. as for sensing he's gone back to using his old prosthetic going to safety restrictions imposed on clinical trials although the scientists are optimistic that the electorate implanted in him could remain functional without damage to the body for many years. i eye. larry king is one of the most widely recognized broadcasts and radio journalists in america news with a career spanning nearly sixty years the iconic talk show host became a household name with his larry king live program on cnn today he still added to interview the famous faces on the cable station russia today and on my neck or a tv. the self described a super due to timing of his busy schedule to talk to jail and jordan miller about his life thoughts on in america and the problems facing israel. host one of the road festival was one of the radio
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there were bunch of odd jobs never went to college managed to do pretty well and the jewish effect on me was i was bar misfit balloons i was in the big moments who was held right in assuming that we have a party in the synagogue there was no lavish affair. the little box it's was an avid to see a rather have a brother that died before i was born was six years old. socialist values were in cocaine in the very early. i'm not a very religious person. i'm not religious at all. but in the region which in all other aspects jewish food to a culture. jewish believer jewish humor. i highlight the jewish concept like the emphasis on an education importance of family. so all those values were instilled in me. we can radical go home shaw mime show version larry
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king was born lawrence's night here in brooklyn to a family of orthodox jewish immigrants from europe. his father died when he was only nine making his early years difficult is the variety on welfare for two years to care for her two sons he never attended college but that didn't hold him back from his dreams. he leaves his jewish heritage helped him succeed in the media business the ironing done. i mean bean juice added to my ability to communicate use a very good at that. this is a very good in the uber department whose playwrights many in one nobel peace prizes. and very very many awards in the riding area of the peabody is in coulter's use of it. i know i guess is in the dna to be expressive to use your hands to talk alot there are good writers spokespeople is very oriented to me. talk to. lol
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though i've accomplished a very shoddy jewish person horny shoddy jewish people many use help start the movie business in los angeles. we all refer to today as hollywood's team believes it was because james had such a hard time breaking into other fields where they were not welcome in the early decades of the twentieth century. james came over and settled mostly in new york couldn't get into banking. we went west we couldn't get into oil. they didn't get into law schools. another thing is huge news in new york in bed with a little prideful machines we use soap moving pictures. he invented the movies. golan is on the mayor's ball came out here. and so limited in hollywood and beverly hills because it was a place division two after. now coaching job in banking in asia. annoyingly the dark but de the what were part of the nature of racing. what is of the hollywood today. now
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of course it's very diverse the jewish culture is very core. regarding the future in america king said he understands that there's some real concerns him but he is nonetheless optimistic. with amid fears of crime part of the word crush the creative bug learned is that is assimilation. i married a mormon. two young boys and their sins i don't have religious beliefs. they are being raised mormon because they won't have a marvelous my wife awesome to have bad news she instilled in them a need to do some more miserable. some things in common one a which is the importance of family and they are really into that but they go to services and the like but the big jewish it is up to push me off about two years assimilation but if the in to marry too much you know the details and disappear. and my my boys while there. they go to religious schools those of
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mormonism and the church they're very jewish and many other aspects in life. they like the food they like the culture. so i will will never disappear. we'll never does when it comes to israel he says it's one of his favorite places to visit the conflict in the middle east is one he is covered extensively during his long career discussing it with american presidents there is as low as the israelis and palestinians. he still describes the conflict as mind boggling team was clear that he does not support violence in any form. i found very high is between the in the palestinian side the fighting in the wisconsin cool breeze i ever will feel very strongly about israel but still very strong very strongly anti war the people killing people. i stand it says stupidest way to settle the dispute more is idiotic. people killing people suicide bombers people raised in hate. i hate i hate hate it is possible to say that from a close affinity of
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bill clinton told was that the middle east situation is almost insoluble his discourses family it is soo totally just so i am finding all of a lamb. so i feel very sad about the whole situation she is upset about it his career has garnered him widespread critical acclaim and numerous broadcasting honors including two peabody awards and ten cable ace awards he has also been inducted into the hall of fame for both radio and broadcasting. but despite having such a high profile career that exposed him to all kinds of people the media icon says he's never personally been the victim of anti semitism or that he realizes he's been fortunate that is. india and china two of the world's going toward economic powerhouses know if it was the price of economic crisis comes one week side effects that pollution comparisons are often late between new delhi and beijing
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for the right song a week sixty has the guts to act but a short td and kept squishing it gets even worse. what drinks and says around new delhi retain the richest a hazardous levels of smoke of the population scarce resources big industry and vehicles or take a toll on the environment around town for more new cars sold the diesel cars the west police and culling the country has made it to add that to combat the problem since the matron was likened to that decade the carrier. this win said pollution readings have suggested sets in levels of toxins or twenty times higher than the world health organisation's recommended in its daily presidents agreed to do that. it sucks anyway the stadium that seem that so instead i had the time has been dug up and going. i bet you you idiot i miss it
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he wants it makes us slaves time for change now. this is the kind words into action on tuesday attention given to justify the most interesting times change and action friday. in comparison beijing has doors that open the system. the devices caution particularly smoky guys and taxes fuel and diesel but the same rates the results of play sets and toxins that drops by for the saints in the last thirteen years which is something the indians place in replicate themselves. i i accenture evolution is happening in the indian capital new delhi. each location ten years ago he started his anti business after discovering a flair for drawn. now his business is who. he owns three shops in
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the industry which is becoming increasingly acceptable to mainstream society. he yelled to use it use to be just for bikers drug addicts for those in the rock that is now in cities across the country consumers coming. locusts is use to do with the intent to several months now he does a team can use everyday bollywood is playing an important role famous actors including sen j books and aunt j given on the display their taxes and prompting fans to get one. conch is a relations officer. she says getting a drawing of a girl and a butterfly flying away helps her through her life. i debate and delay. and last eleven and they tell you a heck of a menorah going on studio is that the senator would seem to point to put
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that since i have to admit little too late to do what the memo because it. things that sent back to you tube in and lay people think it was these are difficult to predict angels butterflies and floral designs have been popular among women and told recently that some artists a more meaningful designs and talented man. men usually favored trying to achieve its koran is getting it into a former cricketing icon such infantile car. as you can see the second and third and i'm getting it done because i think i will be able to see him play again. and though i'm a die hard fan like when you know the media. and i want to go. it is to be better for compete to him wardle to take it on to what amenities course nobody that he has given us for what the fuss twenty five years if our lives and daily charge between ten to thirty dollars per square inch of picking it back to artists of beachy the bias is crying. not to get me mr of their skin as
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most people end up getting them removed or the worst case scenario trying to find another partner with the same name. he says india still has a conservative points. but all the good life with the guys know what it because it is something that obviously to take any prayer life. the bad part is not too much of the blue popsicle make something of a difficult time in the teeth out because at that appeal to all the wonderful sight. and this was a bit of times that much. although many young people are willing to have to choose some still take the pain of getting one better than others. eighteen u s drugstore cbs is stopping up cigarettes from its doors in our friends makes it the best us policy trying to take to the cut off the shelves out for the seven thousand six hundred stores by up to the defence that she would come to the conclusion that the tobacco in a setting
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where healthcare is being administered. those two just don't do it. else thinks but relieved of the drug store chains will be under more pressure now to follow suit part of the overall health care team. it's really an authentic lance result have a product of the store tobacco which actually causes these kinds of diseases so that's why it's so important for us to eliminate the sales tobacco products today. cbs says the decision doesn't come with del surprise the company is expected to lose about two billion dollars in annual sales christopher ask obama praised the pharmacies decision u s cities including boston and san francisco already banned the sale of tobacco products in pharmacies across the u s cigarette sales for them to the touch the sand between two thousand and three and two thousand and thirteen according to research company the right moment to consider eye the up. the boys and men
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sit still and civic pride it's hundreds of thousands of people flooded the streets of downtown seattle to celebrate their team's win at the super bowl in new jersey last sunday. members of the seattle seahawks run in the city's iconic duck taxis for a parade through the heart of the emerald city tossing out candy and posing for rabid fans who lined up along the streets. it was the first time ceos football team had ever won a national championship and was the first time in thirty five years that the seattle team had won a major sports title the last big win for the city was in nineteen seventy nine in the seattle supersonics basketball team that won the nba championship that team has since moved to oklahoma. washington state near james lee declared twelve twelve pm a moment of lal and it's in honor of the twelfth man the nickname given to the notoriously noisy fans of the seahawks the cx defeated at a cozy forty three to eight at
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the super bowl on feb six. up the world's best power climbers gathered at new york's iconic empire state building this week to participate in its annual rent a priest. just eleven minutes and fifty seven seconds after the women's race started defending champion susie lost in the australian cross the finish line. she has won four times in the past in two thousand seventy thousand in two thousand nine and two thousand thirteen and is now set a new record for the race by winning its forty fifth time. on the lights off and on time. on my one time so i can see it in time. my mind this place. in the men's competition twenty five rules for bjorn like vincent came in first at the finishing time of ten minutes and six seconds. the competition for started in nineteen seventy and this year was the thirty seventh time participants have climbed to the one thousand five hundred seventy six steps from the ground
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floor to the observatory of the eighty sixth floor in total four hundred thirty stair climbing athletes from fifty different countries participated in the race english football legend david beckham's league soccer to miami after he purchased an expansion team in america's major league soccer mls commissioner made the announcement in miami. so i'm thrilled to announce that david beckham's as exercise his option to purchase an mls expansion team. and so excited that he selected miami as the market the move will want to bring some of the best class in total insult to miami to play in the same. see what happens it seems when you bring great plans in until about the heat. when the rain i went to the franchise out that you want success you
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want people to be about etsy and yes we will bring great blessing to just say that's the fortunate thing about my career and the teams i've played for in the last five played with. you know what is or would he checks it didn't come to miami we wouldn't want to live in miami and to plan my image. the former england captain since he's only going to look to the private sector for cash to build the future home of the miami team. we don't we don't want funding. we will find this lady mass sales pace on . it's something that we. i've worked very hard to get to the stage where we can find this thinking themselves we wanted we want to see we've had some great work from the manner and don't but not see the commission s and the support that we've had so far has really been incredible so we want to create a sleek him with one creates often say in the football club. the eyes
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of the postal got this info is that. the complete sucker for seven years at los angeles galaxy or she proved she could bring a lot of new friends to the sport proving he is a well establish peace in america. he was just featured on a super bowl commercial last week at the back and is hoping that he can use his popularity to bring in new sports lamp. but the one hundred so well stocks like listerine to try to compete in a four day ride cycling championship defence had been killed in the middle east. some of the four hundred and sixteen km course for the two bike tools includes the busiest roads around the emirates american type thingy from the bmc racing team won the opening stage sets and winning time of just over twelve minutes of the ten km making for an average speed of fifty kilometers an hour on the state must ok to claim victory. we've been slacking star mark cavendish frustrate it. many residents stood at
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the side of the race reached just to get a brief glimpse of six students. some i've been out walking bass line whenever i can yell over the next two days to it but the topic about what to do whatever they are they going boss near my house so as i read the board that. it's been a bayside. the two bikes for two thousand and fourteen is the first ever sock and rice milk that organizers say they expect to post more pics national events in the future the eco color chart the trotsky yourself to be thirty five and single. she decided to make a short documentary about her unsuccessful quest for true and lasting love to her surprise the video went viral not only in argentina and the united states but also in afghanistan. it's just being
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an argentine woman from a traditional jewish family over to be a single feeling that something's missing they are all in all your friends mary and her children and when you are going to count on how much pressure when she turned thirty five was the grilled me make that promise if i do. a new remake that toast and eat the icing will be sent a copy you see us and bring to him and he knew i married the sake i hope you'll have to do so and so that the pediatrician and i tried hard to meet expectations can teach them and love within filmed her fair share of prince charming has no relationship lasted more than two years for projects for the future ended up in a box of souvenirs from the pad the open till standard. to tell the story in a shortcut command tree made by the new york times that the deal she tied the single when finalists. it was as i said sandy us
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the gospel expedient in the last two weeks so it doesn't take it but he knows it was a guest at a price on the west. many less i actually feel the tendency to pick it up got out and lead generation of people in and out into the vet's thinking that she's been reading ict and then maybe we are still struggling and we don't know how to make a new model. we don't understand any way mean to do because we just we don't have any more than one end of our parents and we didn't need anyone to follow soon discovered that she was not alone in her loneliness men and women from different parts of the world reacted to a video on twitter facebook and youtube. late last week maybe it is so funny is that at some point. that's why many of the ateneo in that situation and seven. many people is that they are oh so fitting arena seems that reach an annuity the movie and ice then you are not known that they are mini just
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going to send a senior and youth when scientists to be out in every ten people and security are single psychologist and the second half when he says it's the universal trend especially in big cities where men and women to keep most of the time their professional careers at the end of the day due to tired or stressed to look for lifetime partner. they don't make the effort to build a solid relationship. stuart who he takes time to do the very first eighteen years and lots of trial and error involved to see ironman allah says she's learned to accept yourself and feel she's one step closer to finding happiness on her own terms. for mr right to come i was working on a long version of thirty five and single. the film and art in time the american co production should be ready by the end of the year. this is monica and ikea for j him one and when a scientist. i
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the lowe who know me. do will be. to me. will. or. i will the tsar. i know. ch. i
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do the day. more people. zai
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you win you win. salted nuts and by that petey working visit to our bow. he visited the local elections school we met with teachers and students the school for gifted children with a focus on chemistry and biology open day last year more than seven hundred students studying there and all of them passed the rigorous competitive selection just for nations that while foreign teachers chemical biological direction was chosen for reasons large enterprises engaged in manufacturing of various kinds of chemical products for mining and processing automotive and


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